10 years of the normalization of people carrying around a phone, a laptop, an e-reader, and a tablet, and maybe a game console too.

I just want a single computer I control that comfortably goes everywhere with me still.

I don't want a "libre phone", though it's more appealing than the current options.

What I want is a single box that I carry everywhere but where I can plug into a monitor and keyboard when I want to do focused development.

And maybe a single server that sits somewhere that is always-on and available for connectivity that I also control.

personally what i want is a laptop made of a v light material that can fold up into a phone-sized thing & still function, ideally with usb ports to plug into a desktop tower or keyboard and use as a monitor

@aradinfinity Or how about this:

- A "phone-like" or clamshell type computer
- But there's a laptop shell you can slide it into for a bigger on-the-go screen and keyboard
- And likewise there's a dock at home that hooks it up to your monitor/keyboard.

Now THAT sounds amazing.


@cwebber @aradinfinity This looks very similar to what alwaysinnovating.com/products/ and some other cancelled or otherwise non-available devices could have been. (I imagine all my software issues with a phone and external keyboard or a laptop and external screen would get much more complex with such use cases.)

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